Tatsuno - Birthplace
Children's Song "Red Dragonfly

Tatsuno City is located in the southwest of Hyogo Prefecture. The City covers an area of about 210 square kilometers in an expanse of flat land. Through the center of this city flows the Ibo River, whose source in near the boundary between Hyogo and Tottori Prefectures. The Ibo River has a total length of 70 kilometers and is the third longest in Hyogo. We call it "The Mother River" because for many centuries it has helped Tatsuno to develop as a center of both culture and industry in the West Harima District. The river plays a very inportant role in both agriculture and industry in the Harima Plain, flowing into the Seto Inland Sea.

Tatsuno is well-known as one of the so-called "Small Kyotos" of Japan. It was a castle town ruled over by the Wakizaka Clan, annually producing a rice harvest of 53,000 koku*. To this day, we can still see the rows of former samurai houses and white-welled granaries.
Just behind the city stand Mt.keiro and some other hills, all covered by dense forest. There hills make up the Seiban Hillside Prefectural Park, through which winds the Kinki Natural Hiking Path. In the Prefectural Park are both Shuentei and Tatsuno Park, the latter being well-known for cherry blossoms. Here, each season evokes its own scene of natural beauty. *koku = 180 liters